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Southern Cross Divers

 Leaders in “Technical” Diving

Please note: We only teach courses from these technical training agencies IANTD and IART ...  sorry but we do not teach recreational training from mainstream agencies at all !

SXD is best known for rebreathers and we offer a "total package" approach to these kind of units. We will not stock a unit unless we can offer the customer a complete solution to all their rebreather needs. Every unit sold is backed up with thousands of dollars worth of in store spares coupled with sound servicing skills. 

Full training to all levels is offered and all CCR consumables are on hand to meet the customer’s needs. Located on the very waters edge at the Spit, on the way to Sydney’s Northern Beaches, SXD is ideally located for training from the basic mod 1 CCR level right up to the full tri-mix mod 3 instructor trainer level. We have our own dive charter vessel that picks you up from the shop and can whisk you away to the wrecks at Long Reef in round 40 metres or to the deeper wrecks off Bondi in  about 75 metres

The facility also offers some of the most exciting dive tours available and regularly offers trips to the South China Sea, Java Sea, Gulf of Thailand and now Sri Lanka, looking for and diving the best wrecks these waters have to offer. In the last 12 months we have taken tours to dive the following WWII warships: HMS Repulse, HMS Prince of Wales, (HMS Exeter, HMS Encounter, HMAS Perth, HMLNS De Ruyter, HMLNS Java all have now been illegally taken by a Chinese salvage team ) , USS Houston and now the HMS Hermes the world's first purpose built aircraft carrier .

If you are interested in rebreathers and wish to speak to someone about various units etc. Then we are more than willing to spend some time with you and discuss all the pros and cons about each unit and advise which one would best suit your particular needs.
SXD retails most CCR units but we specialise in the APD and JJ_CCR but, can also offer training on Poseidon’s new MKVII and Jetsam, rEvo and the MK15.5 range of units if required. 

Southern Cross Divers (SXD) was founded almost 30 years ago and from the very earliest days we have been involved with the now soundly established but, then newly emerging area of diving known as “Technical” diving. We were only the second shop in Australia, after Bob Cason’s pioneering Fun Dive, to introduce Nitrox and this was quickly followed up with us offering Tri-mix to our growing customer base of adventurous divers.

As time has moved on, SXD has also moved further and further away from being a normal run of the mill recreational dive store and has developed into Australia leading technical diving facility. This movement has progressed to such a point that we are now currently Australia’s only dive facility solely offering technical diver training, equipment and services. SXD does not offer any non technical courses and does not stock general non-technical diving equipment, we are totally geared to technical/cave/wreck  diving.

The technical diving market has continually grown over the past ten years with both mainstream training agencies like PADI or SSI now offering "Tec" courses. Even mainstream equipment manufactures are now starting to offer and meet the specialised needs and requirements of technical divers. 

Very early on SXD realised that the ultimate experience in technical diving lay in the rebreather area and in 1993 we brought in our first CCR unit, a Drager FGG III, an ex-military unit. This was to be the start of a long and successful relationship with rebreathers for us. This move was quickly followed with the bringing out to Australia from the UK of the then technical diving expert Rob Palmer. Rob quickly brought SXD up to speed with all the new emerging technical and cave diving methods. Whilst he was here in Australia he further increased SXD’s knowledge of rebreather units by conducting several instructor rebreather courses on the then new Drager Atlantis SCR.