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Book a Boat Dive

The boat now works out of Tunks Park Boat Ramp

To book a dive with us you must first have a login to our boat dive diary system, email us to set this up for you or phone/email your booking direct to us and we will place you on the boat dive of your choice.

Below is our basic rules etc for using the boat:-

Hi ????'re more than welcome to join our ship of fools, I can see you have gained access to the boat schedule and booked yourself on . Now that you have booked in then just turn up BUT - always that but  .... just a few points/house rules in regard to diving with us you need to understand.

The boat departs from the Tunks Park or a pre-arranged pickup point at the arranged time or earlier if all are ready for departure. 

You will need to be at the pickup point about 30 minutes at the latest to get your gear on the boat and get yourself ready. If you are not there  prior to departure time you won't be going even if we are still on the dock.  If you have any problems getting to your booking on time text me.

There are toilets at Tunks Park - use them before we set off. 

You will not need to put your dry suit on until we are 10 minutes off the dive site - plenty of room to change on the boat if you wish.

We anchor into the dive sites, so wait until we have given the okay before you get in the water. First man down also ties the anchor in with the rope supplied on the anchor if it is a wreck - this is just an added safety measure.

You will need to carry a strobe (on deep dives) which is required to be attached to the anchor chain the entire time if you are on the wreck. Once you leave the wreck then take the strobe with you thus indicating to others that you are no longer on the wreck, This allows for the last diver up to release the safety rope and put the anchor on the sand- try not to make that person you when diving with us for  the first time. If on a later dive by some chance that it  is you and you feel that someone is still on the wreck or has left a strobe by mistake  on the line then release the rope and stow it back to the anchor line, then position the anchor by one prong in such a fashion that it can if necessary be pulled free.

Do not deco on the anchor line or free float under a bag unless it is an emergency or a prearranged event - come up the anchor line and move along the cross over line to the deco ropes. Last man up also releases the crossover line from the anchor line, they will  then just let it drop downwards as they proceed along it to the deco ropes.

We have a diver lift at the Port Aft corner of the vessel, time your entry to the lift with the sea state and indicate that you are settled and ready to come up and I will lift you out of the water. There is also a black button on the lift which will allow you to raise yourself if required. Once up  out of the water waddle onto the back board and we will take off your sling(s) and fins etc.

If the weather etc. prevents us from anchoring on the dive site and we are forced to abandon the dive then the cost will be just $20 to cover the fuel going out and back. It's basically a "no wreck no pay" situation.

Pay once we are back at the shop or cash currently on the boat,  



 Tel 02 99695072  

To obtain your login we will need the following info:

    Email address:
    Your choice of login ID and:
    Your choice of password:

Once you have your login you can simply go to the diary 

and select the dive trip you wish to join and login  and book ... all very simple.
Or select the "Boat Dive Diary" icon above.


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