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Technical Diving Books & DVD's 

We currently source our books and DVD's from all over the world and hold a small but interesting library of material for retail. We are always on the look out for new material so if you know of any publication that might fit in with our current product range then please email us and we will try and source the volume.

Current stocked items:

Silent Scuba - Books by Mel Clark  

CCR Cave Diving "Almost Simplified Manual "  ........ $105 

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Rebreathers Simplified                                         ........ $105

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        CCR Trimix Simplified                                        ........ $95

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CCR Cave Diving "Almost Simplified Manual"

This manual realized as a CCR cave instructor that there is a void of information available to the new CCR cave diver specifically in regards to dive planning. I feel that it is important for a student to be armed with information before attending a class. This book is an attempt to help the upcoming CCR cave diver get the most out of their class. Like my previous "CCR Simplified" manuals the goal is to put in simple words how to use the rebreather in the particular application, in this case the cave environment. The information in the manual is presented in an easy to read format and can be used in conjunction with any agency specific material. It is over 160 high quality full color pages. Contact Curt for purchase.

CCR Simplified Manual (MOD 1)

This manual explains in simple terms everything a new rebreather diver wants to know. It is basically a "how" to guide for diving and planning dives on a CCR. The manual is presented in a manor that will allow the information to be applied to any rebreather; with unit specific appendices for some of the most common units on the market. It also will arm the future rebreather purchaser with some of the questions they need to know before buying a CCR. The manual is designed to be used by students before they take their CCR class. In doing this the student will get more out of their class and the instructor will have better prepared students a "win win situation" for the whole rebreather community. Finally this manual is a great guide for the open circuit diver who dives regularly with rebreather divers. The information in the manual is presented in an easy to read format and can be used in conjunction with any agency specific material. It is over 300 high quality full color pages. Contact Curt for purchase.

CCR Trimix Simplified Manual (MOD 2)

CCR Trimix Simplified Manual (MOD 2)

Rebreather trimix explained in simple terms. Designed to be used by students with little or no previous trimix experience, for normoxic and hypoxic trimix classes.


 Gallant Aquatic Ventures International


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Rebreather FUNdamentals DVD .... $60

This informative DVD provides an exciting look at all facets of rebreathers, from simple to complex concepts. It uses a combination of demonstration, discussion, and digital graphics to cover all types of rebreathers in detail. Broken into five separate segments, it provides an overview to every section as well as a review of key terms and ideas following each section.

The Rebreather FUNdamentals DVD is 100% digital-quality video shot on location in Hawaii and is about 45 minutes in length. It was produced by Joe Dituri, Brian Greene, and Richard Pyle. Collectively, they have thousands of hours of diving and teaching experience with rebreathers. This DVD format is NTSC, All Regions and will also play on any Windows PC that includes a CD/DVD drive.

Technical Diving from the bottom up .... $80  

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 Books and Video DVDs by Jill Heinerth


Cave Diving Articles and Opinions: $65  ............   Buy now !


Written and edited by some of the top cave divers in the world, an invaluable resource for 21st century technical divers. Sharing the 30 year wisdom of the sport's pioneers and practitioners, this book covers everything from basic equipment to advanced cave exploration. Together, Heinerth and Oigarden have assembled an unparalleled team of expert contributors writing about the sport today, and into the future. 320 pages. 

Side Mount Profiles: Brian Kakuk and Jill Heinerth: $65  ............    Buy now !  

Cave diving has been called the “most dangerous participatory sport” in the world. It doesn’t have to be. With proper training, experience, and guidance, you can be a skilled cave diver, and enjoy this challenging and rewarding activity, for a lifetime. With decades of technical diving experience, including world record cave dives, and paradigm changing underwater exploration, Woman Divers Hall of Fame member Jill Heinerth, has created this full color contemporary guidebook. Generously illustrated, “The Essentials of Cave Diving” contains practical 21st century underwater knowledge, including sidemount techniques and the latest rebreather technology. Encompassing all levels of cave diving, from apprentice to expert, from sidemount to CCR, this guide is an essential manual; appropriate and relevant to all cave training disciplines.

Jill's Guide: The Essentials of Cave Diving: $65  ............    Buy now !

With years of Side Mount diving experience, two of the sport's most acclaimed explorers, Brian Kakuk and Jill Heinerth, have teamed up to share their expertise with you in this generously illustrated and practical manual.

For open water, wreck, and cave diving enthusiasts.

Featuring: Wes Skiles, Lamar Hires, Jakub Rahacek, and Steve Bogaerts.

The ultimate sidemount diving book by Brian Kakuk and Jill Heinerth.


Exploration and Mixed Gas Diving Encyclopaedia

NEW Edition September 2009 - 400 pages Full Colour... $110

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This 400 page in-depth reference guide is authored by Tom Mount and Joseph Dituri with chapters by:

Lamar Hires, 
David Sawatzky, M.D.
Bruce Voss, M.D.
David J. Doolette, Ph.D., 
Simon Mitchell, M.B. Ch.B., Ph.D., 
Roberto Trindade, M.S., 
Jeff Gourley, 
Joe Citelli, 
Martin Robson, 
R. Todd Smith, 
Gene Melton, 
Matti Anttila, Ph.D., 
Simon Pridmore, 
Peri Blum, Psy.D., 
John Zumrick MD, 
JP Imbert, and 
Kevin Gurr. 

Subjects include:

The Basics Of Physiology For Technical Divers, 

Inert Gas Narcosis, 
Oxygen & Its Affect On The Diver, 
Carbon Dioxide Retention, 
High Pressure Nervous Syndrome, 
Counter Diffusion, Decompression Illness, 
Hypothermia & Hyperthermia, 
Equipment Configuration, 
Equipment Configuration For Small Divers, 
Dive Planning, 
Gas Management For Rebreathers, 
Operational Safety, 

Tracking Absorbent Duration By Oxygen Consumption,
ROVs & Hard Suits For Expeditions, 
Mental, Spiritual & Physical Aspects Of Diving, 
The Diver’s Mind, 
Psychological & Physical Fitness For A Technical Diver, 
The Psychology Of Survival, 

Response Training & Failure Points
The Importance Of Developing Response, 
Deep, Deeper, Deepest & Further 
One Man’s Personal Quest & Staying Alive To Do It!, 
Going Past The Edge, 

Wrecks, The Practical Aspects of Deep Wreck Diving, 
Expeditions ~ Caves, Expeditions ~ Artic Ice Diving, 
Modelling Chapters on 

Gradient Factors, and 
Multi-Modelling Approaches. Tables to perform the text exercises are included PLUS New Tables for Gradient Factors and CCR Pre-Dive Checks....

This unique manual is required reading for all IANTD Technical Diver Programs and a valuable resource for all divers at any level.

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