Full Vr Tec Price list

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VR Computers & Accessories

All PRICES ARE IN $AUD (INCL GST) subject to change due to available stock or current exchange rates, ask for a quote when inquiring.

C1VR3 HDC1 Open Circuit Nitrox:
More info: download & Read the Free HD VR3 manual, 270kb pdf
C2Open and closed Circuit Nitrox$1602
C3Open Circuit Trimix/Nitrox$1704
C4Open and closed Circuit Trimix/Nitrox$1812
VR3 HD Mixed Gas Dive Computer

New VRx Dive Computer

C53VRx single O2 cell, mono colour 

More info: Read the Free VRX manual, 419kb pdf

C54-PackVRx Triple O2 Cell (includes cable & pin for 3 cells)$2332
C55Intelligent Secondary (incl cable & pin for 3 cells, no decompression)$1045
C50 + C57VRx Triple O2 cell PIN+Fischer to Fischer cable$435
C51 + C56VRx HUD PIN+HUD cable$654
C51 + C56 + C50VRx Triple O2 cell PIN+HUD PIN+HUD cable$785
2013PME Explorer only$111
Power Monkey Explorer charger + Port adapter$148
2015PME Fischer adaptor only$62
V2Deco upgrade for Intelligent secondary (C55)$1396

VR Spares

vr3 SparesRecommended Diver VR Spares Kit.
1077Lithium 3.6V battery, new battery cap and tool$62
1078New battery cap and tool only$50
1053Battery cap tool only$14
C36Battery Cap O'Rings, set of 2$4
1028Lithium 3.6V Battery$18
C29Set of two switches, incl. circlips & springs$39
C17END CAPS: I/O link spare blanking connector cap (plastic)$17
C28END CAPS: Cable end spare blanking connector cap$17
1087VR3 Rubber Stick On Screen Guard$13
1080VR3 Perspex Clip-on Computer Guard$42
1039Strap pin$10
C26Vr3 soft carry Case$40
C38VR3 Hard Case (Custom designed foam insert)$90
C40VR3 Field Triage Kit$150

Rebreather Interface / Analysers

C8Inspiration 02 Interface package. Includes I/O connector activation PIN (C9)$650
1068Inspiration Y piece O2 interface only$159
1061Inspiration link cable.Fischer to cell holder$203
C8ADraeger 02 Interface package.(includes C9 pin)$670
1076Counterlung 'P' connector to take Draeger port O2 interfaceDraeger 'P' port$44
1069Draeger Port / interface & 1.5m cable.$482
10671.5m cable only with VR3 end attached, other end open$114
C8bOxygen analyser kit. Includes:I/O connector activation PIN (C9)C8b Oxygen Analyser Package$567
1065Oxygen Analyser link cable$114
1073Analyser cylinder 'Quick Ox' kit$40
550Optional secondary display (KISS etc)$1023

Download Kits & Cables

C41PC downloading cables (USB to I/O)$116
C43PC downloading cable with downloading activation pin (USB to I/O + pin)PC Link direct cable link$231


UP C1-2OC Air/Nitrox to CC Air/Nitrox.$101
UP C1-3OC Air/Nitrox to OC Trimix$202
UP C1-4OC Air/Nitrox to OC & CC Trimix$303
UP C2-3OC & CC Air/Nitrox to OC Trimix$101
UP C2-4OC & CC Air/Nitrox to OC & CC Trimix$202
UP C3-4OC Trimix to OC & CC Trimix$101
HDCOLHD VR3 Single colour to multicolour screen$289
V1V1 alternative algorithm upgrade$361
C9Pin for activating I/O port$289
C11PC downloading activation PIN$116
UG5Includes Gas Calculator & Bigger Graphics pins$94

Service & Replacements

GenGeneral Healthcheck Service$210
Bezel-VR3Replacement Vr3 Bezel$57
DEPTHTRANSReplacement Depth Transducer$297
Glass-VR3replacement VR glass$60
HDLCDReplacement HD LCD$175
REEDReplacement internal magnetic reed switches(pair)$90
LCDVR3Mono LCD replacement$150
I/O ConnReplacement 7 pin I/O$175
I/O Conn2Replacement 2 pin I/O$140
1036Vr3 Box replacement$271