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Narked @ 90


Oxygen cells with SMB Connections available NOW !

 SMB Rebreather Oxygen Sensor

Co-ax O2 Cell $135      


Southern Cross Divers have been associated with John and Brent from Narked @ 90 for several years now and regard their products as some of the best OEM rebreather items. 

Please peruse their website and if you find any item that meets your needs then contact us and as their main outlet in the region we will equal their price to your door. 

John Routley founded Narked at 90 Ltd, building on his experience as a homebuilder for many years, John found that providing the parts he used himself to others gave him great satisfaction. Since then, Narked at 90 has gone from strength to strength without compromising on good business principles under his leadership.

John Routley is Managing Director and founder of Narked at 90 ltd. John started diving nearly 20 years ago and has an extensive back ground in engineering and fault finding culminating in an electrical engineering degree. John has worked in many industries over the years from electronic diagnostics and fault finding to machining and heavy engineering. So with John's back ground in engineering and design it was no surprise when he and Brent Hudson met some 5 years ago, and that there would be great things ahead.

Brent Hudson was also a long standing homebuilder who stopped logging dives when he achieved over one thousand closed circuit dives.  
One of the principle members of the Silent Running Technical Dive Team, Brent can be found diving off the Tyne in the North Sea most weekends. Diving on wrecks between 50 and 100m deep, in 2009 Brent brought up two bells in two dives from these virgin wrecks.

It is no surprise that he and John found common ground. Brent's engineering knowledge and experience as a project engineer for blue chip companies and a senior inspectorate at a Notified Body has given Narked at 90 the skills and diversity to produce more and more innovative products.
Brent Hudson is the Technical Director of Narked at 90 Ltd. His involvement in complex control systems, safety and marine applications is long and prestigious with achievements that include being a senior safety related controls systems expert for two (
BERR (DTI) appointed Notified Bodies and a CENELEC appointed expert in electrical control standards and European Directives.


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