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At SXD we are always on the lookout for top end safety equipment.  Today we get to introduce to you what we believe should be a must-have for any diver who ventures out into the ocean or on big lakes.  The sea is an unforgiving environment and weather can change between the time you entered the water to when you come back up. Sometimes situations put you farther away from the boat than you may like. And while a DiveAlert and a Safety SMB are great tools, this new item the NAUTILUS LIFELINE completes the circuit of communications gear you want to have.
The NAUTILUS LIFELINE is a VHF-GPS Radio for Divers that allows you to Hail and Distress on CH-16,  Chat between your LifeLine and any VHF Radio in a 10 mile radius, AND has a LocateME Technology signal that transmits your GPS Location and alert message to any modern VHF radio.
No longer do you have to worry if the "boat can see you" if you drifted away or other situation arises.   Check out the specs below and place your order today. These are in the warehouse and will be to you with plenty of time to wrap and put under the tree for your favorite diver !  


  • Check out the features: 

- Distress Button

- Strobe Light

- Waterproof housing rated to 425 fsw

- GPS - Juliter3 GPS displays Latitude and Longitude

- Boat Button Defaults to CH 16, 09 and 14

- LCD Display - shows all status

- Chat Button to talk with boats

- Clip for mounting to D-ring

- Speaker / Microphone splash proof

- USB Port for battery charge and software updates


$ 390.00 ORDER HERE 


This is a MUST HAVE item for all ocean and lake divers.  Don't get off the boat without it!



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