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APD sizing and SXD's current pricing structure

Purchasing a Rebreather

When purchasing a unit one must consider that a rebreather will cost you close to the price of a small family car and, therefore buying  a unit is not a  decision that should be made  without first giving the matter a lot of thought.

You will find it hard to cost justify a unit at the Mod I entry level but once you bring mixed gases into the equation then the unit will pay for itself very quickly BUT you must regularly dive the unit. Do not buy a unit if you will not dive it regularly.

You must also come to gripes with the fact that you will be going back to your very very early open-water days, you are going to be starting diving all over again from scratch.

Next think about just where you wish to end up with your diving and select a unit that will suit you current and future needs.

Below is a link to the website of the author of a very good book that I strongly suggest you read and fully understand before you buy a unit. It will give you a chance to answer the questions above with a little more than a rudimentary knowledge of rebreathers.

 In the side bar is a list of some of the better  rebreathers available,  we have given a short overview. Give each description a quick read and if one is of interest to you then follow the links to the manufactures website.

At Southern Cross Divers we are more than willing to spend time with you and answer any of your questions regarding these units and hopefully help you select the correct unit.

The APD Inspiration family of units are the main rebreathers that we retail and, as such we have provided the above link  to help you select the correct size for your APD unit plus costing.

In general we would recommend a second generation unit, one that has its own builtin decompression computer and system controller. Though this wil depend on your views on mixing water and electronics. Manual units by their nature tend to be first generation units that either do not have any electronics or offer the option to attache third party coimputers/controllers to the unit.



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