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At Southern Cross Divers we feel that our customers should not have to pay over the top prices for basic diving kit, so we have struck a deal with Scubastore to provide brand name gear direct from them. We cannot match Scubastore's prices even at wholesale rates and as such we no longer stock many basic scuba items such as regs; Why would we when via our link to Scubastore you can get the items cheaper than we can. 

The company: is your first online stop when shopping for diving equipment! is an online dive shop with a wide variety of partners, which enables them to supply first rate diving equipment to our customers. With the aid of our specialized, internet integrated technology, they are able to synchronize our information with that of our top brand suppliers and our logistics partners. This enables us them deliver diving equipment to our clients' door within 2 or 3 days of orders being placed and paid. was formed by an international team of divers coming from Scotland, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, England and Spain. We are united by our enthusiasm for diving and our dedication to provide other divers with a service we ourselves would use.

Direct link to access super cheap brand named scuba gear.