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Molecular Products: Sofnolime   

Diving rebreathers purify the breathing gas with a chemical process called scrubbing. The chemical most often used in

rebreathers is soda lime. There are many different formulations, but soda lime is mostly slaked lime mixed with small

amounts of more strongly base pH chemicals known asalkai salts to help speed up the process. Some formulations of

soda lime also contain very specific amounts of water needed to begin an effective chemical process. The carbon dioxide

gas exhaled by the diver mixes with the water to form a weak carbonic acid liquid. The carbonic acid reacts with carbon dioxide and removes it from the breathing gas. The chemical reactions also produce heat and more water, which in turn causes the process to continue more efficiently.

Because there are a great many types and formulations of carbon dioxide absorbent, it is critical to use only the specific CO2 absorbent recommended by the manufacturer of your rebreather. Proper storage is a necessity as well, in order to maintain the correct balance and distribution of moisture throughout the absorbent. The CO2 absorbents we sell are ONLY for use in recreational SCUBA diving rebreathers. We are proud of the quality of our customer service, but we will NOT offer advice on CO2 absorbent selection or use other than what you find published here. If you are uncertain what product to purchase, we strongly recommend you seek formal training for your specific model rebreather. We do not sell CO2 absorbent for any purpose other than diving.


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It is critical to follow the specific absorbent use recommendations of your rebreather manufacturer for your specific model. Use of the improper product can cause problems such as excessive work of breathing or shortened scrubber times. Ambient Pressure Diving recommends Sofnolime brand 8-12 mesh absorbent for their Inspiration and Evolution rebreathers. Innerspace Systems Corporation recommends Sofnolime brand 8-12 mesh absorbent for their Megalodon rebreathers. VR Technology recommends Sofnolime brand 8-12 mesh absorbent for their Ouroboros and Sentinel rebreathers. Jetsam Technologies prefers Sofnolime brand 4-8 mesh absorbent for their KISS rebreathers.

Because you asked ... "Is this really Sofnolime™ brand?" Many divers ask because they have experienced first hand that other brands don't perform as well as Sofnolime and contain much more dust. Don't worry, we are offering genuine Sofnolime brand granular CO2 absorbent specifically recommended by the manufacturers for use in their rebreathers. We are not substituting another brand, and we are not substituting a generic brand formula from the same manufacturer. Our absorbent is always fresh  and it is correctly stored as per the manufactures recommendations.


Advice regarding travel with SOFNOLIME

Some individuals are reporting difficulty transporting SOFNOLIME, particularly by commercial airline. Occasionally the transport personnel will arbitrarily decide SOFNOLIME is a hazardous material (HazMat) and either refuse it or levy special HazMat surcharges. Although all carriers have this right, in these cases it might help to have a copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) at hand. Point out section #14 of the MSDS that indicates SOFNOLIME has no transport restrictions or UN Number. As a last resort, you might produce a copy of the letter from Molecular Products declaring SOFNOLIME is classified as non-hazardous for transport. As a practical matter, our customers tell us it is nearly impossible to get airlines to accept containers that have been opened, regardless of documentation.




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