Stanstead Pumps

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Stansted Fluid Power

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Mini Air Spec's

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Stansted Fluid Power ("SFP") is a British company specializing in advancing the technology of ultra high pressure industrial fluid processing applications. Founded forty years ago by experts in high pressure engineering, SFP now manufactures equipment for a wide range of applications.

Their mission is to give their customers the tools to create new products faster and produce them more economically than ever before.

Reliability and serviceability are the cornerstones of their engineering and manufacturing approaches. They operate a worldwide sales organization, and worldwide professional training and service complete the picture.

SFP is based at a light-industrial park in Harlow, north east of London, England. This is within easy reach of Stansted and Luton Airports, serviced by many international airlines, and offers surface transportation to London and other major cities.

Their website is dedicated to SFP's range of high pressure engineering services.

 The mini booster pump (above) retails for $3200 and for $3850 in full kit form ready to go.


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