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Viking Dry Suits

Southern Cross Divers has been retailing Gates dry suits through out all their company name changes and re-incarnations, up until their present day as part of the Viking product range

Since their inception in 1989, the Fabricated Products Division, itself a part of the Footwear Division of the Gates Rubber Co. Ltd., that makes the famous range of Hunter green Wellingtons, has gone from strength to strength, manufacturing and distributing the Gates range of drysuits and accessories. It has steered its own course in the diving market with its range of innovative sports and technical diving dry suits, such as the unique stretch PRO-VSN, and the market leading PRO-HRM for contaminated water diving.

With the change of ownership from Tompkins plc to lnterfloor Ltd, the Company developed just two divisions; Flooring and accessories, and a division dedicated to the marketing and development of rubber boots and diving suits. It, quickly dropped the Gates logo from all its products and consolidate all its rubber boots and diving suits under the "Hunter" umbrella.

In 2009 the company again had a change of ownership and became part of Trelleborg Protective Products, who are one of the world's leading producers of protective clothing and related products.

Through world renowned brand names like Viking, Trellchem® and TrellTent®, Trelleborg Protective Products develops and manufactures dry diving suits, chemical protective suits, inflatable shelters and a wide range of related products.

Trelleborg Protective Products AB employs 200 people and has offices in Sweden, England, Norway, USA, Singapore, Lithuania and the Russian Federation. Headquarters are in Ystad, Sweden.

If you are now thinking about buying a Viking dry suit you will get all the support and professionalism associated with the Viklng name. The gates/Hunter product range have been purchased by Trelleborg to spearhead the push of the Viking label into the recreational dry suits market.

Please use only the Viking website for order/sizing details or contact us at SXD.


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