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Gulf of Thailand

POW and Repulse 

HMS Hermes  May/June 2010 

The Java Sea ...Nov 06




At Southern Cross Divers we live to dive wrecks, the bigger the better. We actively search out and dive the many many awesome wrecks located in and around the Pacific region and beyond.

Every year we organise several trips to locations that appeal to the dedicated wreck diver. Apart from the normal well trodden paths to such beloved favourites as the President Coolidge, Truk Lagoon and the Solomon's we also seek out the more extreme sites, away from the beaten track.

We run regular trips to the South China Sea to dive such wrecks as the Prince of Wales and the Repulse, the Java Sea to dive wrecks like the De Router, Exeter and all the other WWII war ships in the area. Other areas that we also have taken divers to include Subic Bay, to dive some of the deeper wrecks in that area and Rabul to investigate the now very dirty wrecks to be found after the volcano erupted.

One of the latest destination to come to our attention is Kwajalein. This lagoon has been forgotten over time and as such its many wrecks are still in prime condition. The lagoon is the biggest in the world and was used by the Japanese as one of their main forward supply bases during the WWII. The Japanese constructed an airfield, a submarine base and a flying boat station along with the extensive freight facilities required for the air base located there.

After the atomic tests at Bikini Atoll a large number of vessels that survived the testing were towed to the area and scuttled, many of these are yet to be located. The jewel in the crown is the German Battle Cruiser the Prinz Eugan which is located upside down in the lagoon in 35m of water. In later years the Americans took over Kwajalein island and used the lagoon for missile testing, as such the area was closed to all but US personnel, hence the interest in this area.

Another location to surface this year is the wreck of HMS Hermes, the worlds first purpose built aircraft carrier. She lies in 55m of water 15km of the coast of Sri Lanka in the Bay of Bengal. This trip will be a once in a life time adventure.



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