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Java Sea

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Kuching to Singapore... 25th October to the 2nd of November '06


This trip is will depart from Kuching on the 25th October and  will dock in Singapore, on the 2nd November. That means flying in on the 24th and out of Singapore on the 3rd November


The cost will be $2650 each for the boat, this as per normal does not include booze, gas and sorb. The gas and sorb will be split evenly between all the divers after the last days diving. Flights are your own responsibility but we will try and source the best option for all those departing from Sydney


The main highlight of this trip will be diving the D?an, a French liner. Launched on April 2, 1924 from the Gironde dockyard in Bordeaux. She plyed the Far East from 1936, until the fall of Indo-China she was requisitioned by the Japanese in June of 1942. She was then renamed TEIKO MARU by the Japanese. She finally ended her days when on the 22nd February 1944 American submarine USS PUFFER sighted her off the Natoena Islands Borneo on the lane between Singapore and Brunei. PUFFER fired a spread of torpedoes that sent transport Teikyo Maru to the bottom in 70m of water just East of Borneo (3'10 N - 109'15 E) with the loss of 199 Japanese. 


Length: 172 metres
Displacement: 20323 tonnes

     65 1st Class

     54 2nd Class

     92 3rd Class

Propulsion: Twin stack oil fueled  steam engines 


The skipper of MV Empress Vidar, has located a couple interesting wrecks in this area. He has also lined up the following wrecks for the trip:


  • The Japanese destroyer Sagiri, in 20-30m depth
  • 2 large Marus just a few miles from each other, (Bit broken up) in 30m,
  • The Riviera Sky, large ore carrier, intact upright 28-53m
  • Lewas Mewah, 1000 ton freighter,
  • Japanese tanker, possibly bow half of the Yuho Maru,
  • Acasta rock with 3 wrecks located on it,
  • The Nippo Maru, and several others near to Singapore.


I will post all new information as it comes to hand.



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