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Kuching 3rd Oct to the 

11th Oct 2011

 (Work on $3000)

This is another top trip with some classic wrecks and hoepfully a few "virgins" as well, again one not to be missed. Usual arrangement, the above cost is just the boat and food, gas sorb and booze on top, about $450. plus of course flights.

Fly into Kuala Lumpur (KL) and then onto Kuching Airport (KCH).  

We will be picked up at Kuching Wet Markets and taken across to the boat which will be waiting at over the river at Pangkalan Sepi 

From Kuching, the first diving day would be on the wrecks not far out from port:

The Japanese destroyer Sagiri, 20-28m and 
two other Marus, the Katori being the biggest and best of the two, 9-20m. Next day we will spend several days on the Teiko Maru (ex D'artagnan). 

At this point the trip has two options:

Northern route, a 30 hour steam (0ne day off diving) to the site of a huge tanker "Caribica" in 34-76m plus an optional small freighter near the Caribica. 

Following that, a choice of 2 wrecks, one being a cargo ship carrying logs called "Nagarit" 60-82m or an old steel cargo ship, which I have personally have not dived max depth 93m, bit collapsed. 

Then on to the Sincere in 48-72m, Probably direct back to Singapore, or stop along the way and dive the Aur a tanker, or the Sara D.

Southern route, with no day off going via the Jap destroyer, "Shimotsuki" 62-73m, 

Then a new site the "Humanity ace" upright small freighter to 68m, 

Nippo Maru (ex-ningpo) 28-43m. 

A easy 8 day trip !



Katori Maru

Teiko Maru (ex D'artagnan)



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