Current Available CCR Units

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Southern Cross Divers (SXD) have over the years fully embraced the CCR rebreather evolution. We are committed to rebreathers and without question we are Australia's leading rebreather friendly facility. We can cater for all your rebreather requirements including hire of units and other rebreather equipment.

Southern Cross carries stock of sorb and most spares for almost all units. We can also provide mixed gas to your requirements, and if you also need cylinders then we can provide either 3ltr, 5ltr or 7 3ltr cylinders, this can include regs and snap fittings for off board slings if required.

Southern Cross Divers has an active rebreather-training programme, which covers KISS, Inspirations, Dolphins/Ray's, rEvo MK15.5 and several other units. Courses range in price depending on the unit and the time required to master the skills. No student passes a course unless both the student and the instructor are happy with the level of proficiency displayed by the student. If you are lucky enough to purchase a unit from us then we also provide the training inclusive of the cost of the unit. 

In addition to supplying both SCR and CCR units we also supply a full range of spares and parts for the homebuilder. Drop in and have a chat with us and see if we can arrange a try dive for you. Be warned once you try a rebreather then your open circuit diving is ruined.

For details of available units please select from the side bar or go to their sites direct !