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APD Rebreathers - The Buddy Inspiration, Evolution Plus and Evolution


An Ambient Pressure Diving's rebreather(s) gives you all the benefits of Nitrox diving but without the pre-mixing and the depth limitations of a SCR.

Breathing the optium Oxygen-rich breathing mix throughout the dive helps to drastically reduce your decompression obligations on every dive - without pre-mixing gas, without carrying extra cylinders and without gas-switching.

With No-stop times dramatically increased, the benefits of having perfect buoyancy control, warmer gas, quieter diving and bubble-free operation allows really close wildlife encounters - the Inspiration/Evolution closed circuit rebreather is revolutionising diving today, offering a whole new experience to Sport and Commercial divers worldwide.

APD has one of the best rebreather R & D test facilities in the world and every care is taken to produce the very best in CCR units. 

APD Link to test facility information

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APD's website.

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