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Classic KISS and Sport KISS Rebreather training and supplies are one of our specialties at Southern Cross Divers.


We manage your order, shipping and customs clearing procedures as well as assembly of your unit and full training and certification in Classic and  Sports KISS units.  We carry a full range of spare parts and supplies for KISS rebreathers.


As a pre-purchase requirement for both the Classic and Sport KISS units, Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) training must be undertaken.  At Southern Cross Divers we provide CCR and / or Trimix-CCR training and certification.  We have an active certification programme with most major training agencies including IART,  and IANTD.


Courses range in price depending on the unit and the amount of time you need to master the required course skills. When both the student and instructor are happy with the level of proficiency displayed by the student, certification is issued.


For more information on getting into your own KISS rebreather, email us at Southern Cross Divers.





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