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SXD is now the regional

 JJ-CCR distributor !!!

The JJ-CCR unit

JJ-CCR Rebreather has been designed and tested since 2006 with more than 1000 operating hours under water in different locations around the world. 

In 2009 the unit was at Qinetiq in England for testing for the EN14143 standard. 

Click here so see a short animation with pictures from the test lab: Impressions from the test lab

Or get the PDF file with the complete test results: Qinetiq Test Results 657.72 Kb


Tear down of the JJ-CCR .... well worth a look !

JJ-CCR manual (V 1.00/revision 04)

Training is via the IART training agency.

SXD is the regional distributor and as such now stock and supply all spares for the units and supply full service facilities.


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