rEvo Rebreathers

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These units have the following features:

    - Fully closed circuit rebreather with backmounted counterlungs

    - Unique dual scrubber system for improved sorb usage

    - Ergonomic adjustable split b/plate for  fit and minimal static WOB                

    - Manual / hybrid / electronic operation  (mCCR/hCCR/eCCR)

    - Wide choice of PPO2 monitors, HUD's, computers, controller: 

    •     rEvodream 
    •     Shearwatedisplay/computer/controller

    - Manual addition of oxygen and diluent, automatic diluent valve

    - Max depth: 80m (mCCR / hCCR mode)  /  100m (eCCR mode )

    - Scrubber duration: 2 / 3 hours  (axial)   4 / 6 hours (radial)


rEvo III:

Available in Standard and Mini height featuring the best breathing performance on the market.

Specially designed to meet CE 14143 breathing performance:

    - WOB: < 2.10 / < 1.85 J/L  (axial / radial scrubber) in std 
    - WOB: < 1.5 / < 1.2 J/L    (with optional hoses/DSV)

rEvo II:

Available in Standard and Mini height, offering the most "slim-line" unit on the market

Only adds 15cm to your profile

    - WOB: 2.64 / 2.32 J/L  (axial / radial scrubber using fine grade sorb)

rEvo Micro:

Compact rebreather with excellent breathing performance.

Fits in airline approved carry-on luggage


Radial scrubbers (4.1kg)

Titanium housing

Set point controller with integrated trimix deco
Hybrid operation mode (mCCR/eCCR)

Offboard gas addition, standard or mini size

BOV (mid 2009)

Shipping Weight: 27.22kg (60lbs)


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