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Technical Diver Training

At Southern Cross Divers (SXD) we have tried to arrange our training programmes into logical groupings so helping you to select the correct pathway to obtaining your end objective, be that rebreather diving, tri-mix diving or wreck, cave, etc.

At  SXD we can offer courses from the following training agencies, See the "Dive Links and Resources" page for hyper links to the training agencies websites or just click on them below.

International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD) Australia  .... Once again SXD can provide most technical courses from this agency, right from Nitrox up to Instructor Trainer. If this your agency of choice then just ask for a programme based around their course structure, we are only to glad to provide what you want. 

International Association of Rebreathet Trainers (IART) .... SXD has committed to this growing European training agency. We can offer the full range of their rebreather courses and instructor programmes. This agency will prove to be a very interesting  to watch as it develops in the near future, as we see this organisation rapidly growing. 

To find out more about the courses available then just select the course that is of interests to you from the side bar and have a peruse, then drop us an email if you wish to discuss your diving future or if you have any further questions regarding our packages.

Please note that all our course fees cover the cost of the training not the certification. Certification is given free of charge if the instructor feels it is warranted and successfully earn't by the student. You pay for the course not the certification !

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