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A Few Useful Things to Know !

If you are coming for training and your not a local then it would be good to know a few useful things to make your stay easier ...

Transport: ... If your coming from the airport then your basically looking at a taxi ride, the cost is around $25-35. Watch the time, rush hour across the bridge is not fun and will bump up the cost of the fare. Also be aware that there is now a surcharge for picking up a fare at the airport. Also don't book just pick a cab up off the airport rank, always plenty of cabs waiting.

If you are driving then we have plenty of parking around the shop but like most money hunger councils you will have to pay. We do have very limited parking in the shop's complex both on week days and the weekend. Please when you first arrive drive into the car park and pull up in front of the shops main door. You can unload you gear and we can then sort out parking for you.

Car rental is well catered for at the airport with all the usual suspects in place.

Things to bring: .... Bring your normal diving gear, you will training in what you dive in back home, so dry suit, mask, fins BCD/harness/Wing if you have them, if not we will supply them. Weight belts minus the lead and slings if you have them if not we can supply.

Basically gear wise try to stay true to what you use normally but also don't run up a huge excess baggage bill at the airport, we will try and supply all the heavy kit.

Food: .... You are in Sydney and you are on the Nth Shore of Sydney so don't expect cheap cheap but we do have two very good restaurants in the complex that do also provide take away food on a daily basis. The store also has a small kitchenette which you are more than welcome to use. Buy some provisions and store them in the fridge for the duration, tea/coffee is provided so don't buy that. 
Accommodation:  ... Not as easy as it sounds, we are located at a top location for diving but I'm afraid we have no close (within 10 minutes drive) accommodation. To the North we have Manly and all that a beach resort can offer from top class hotels to cheap (relative) backpackers.

Check out the accommodation - Manly Tourist info

To the south we have Mosman, accommodation info for Mosman  here

We fully recommend that you use the Buena Vista Hotel, its cheap'ish, clean and tidy and has good cheap food in house. 

Payment: .... we are total sluts for money and will take it in any way you wish to throw it at us. Cash is always nice, EFT is good also  but, both VISA and Mastercard are available, we don't like Amex or Diners to much but will take them when forced.

buena vista hotel mosman