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Nitrox Course: IART or IANTD

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Nitrox Speciality Course $275 or $375 with 2 


Training Agencies avalable:  IART or IANTD

This programme will give you a basic grounding in the use of Nitrox. The course can be held in conjunction with the Advanced Diver programme (Nitrox, Wreck, Deep and Decompression diver specialities), in which case two dives using nitrox will be part of the total package or as part of your mod I rebreather training.

If you require just the nitrox component of the programme with the two optional two dives then they will be conducted at any favourable location during the course based on weather conditions etc.

The course will cover the basic physics, physiology, the "hows and whys" of nitrox mixing and the in the manner in which it is retailed, covering all aspects of safe use, the Australian standard and your responsibilities as a user of the gas.

Courses can be commenced on just a few days notice for any number of persons.


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