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 Decompression Diver Speciality Course

This programme contains 8 dives (mainly wrecks) of varying depths and conditions.

Dive One       The Spit

This dive will introduce you to the concept of carrying a sling cylinder with your twin set, covering such points as weighting and emergency procedures. You will also be exposed to working with reels and running lines under adverse conditions.

Dive Two       The Itatia

This wreck sits in a maximum of 9m of very dirty water in middle harbour. The site is used to give the student an insight into a large-scale wreck (65m long) with multiple deck levels and very adverse visibility conditions. You will be taught to follow a line in and out of the deck levels and over and under the beams and wreckage. This is a very interesting introduction to a true wreck environment.

Dive Three       The Coolooli (bucket dredge)

This is one of Sydney s classic wrecks; she lies on her starboard side in 48m of water with her port side in 38m. This dive will be a check out dive were you will be required to wear a sling cylinder and complete a 20 minute bottom time and subsequent decompression. At the end of this dive you will have completed a standard decompression wreck dive.

Dive Four       The Dee Why Ferry

On this dive you will be required to plan the dive and adhere to your dive plan and gas management profile. You will use 60% Nitrox for decompression and run an accelerated decompression profile. During the dive you will be required to complete several tasks required by your instructor.

Dive Five       A Deep Wreck Dive (48M+)

Once again you will be required to plan and manage the dive under the guidance of your instructor. During the dive you will again have to complete several exercises.

Dive Six       A Deep Wreck Dive (48M+)

Again you will be required to plan and manage the dive under the guidance of your instructor. During the dive you will have to complete several exercises one of which will be a blue water assent and deployment of a Surface Marker Buoy.

Dive Seven       The Coolooli (bucket dredge)

On this dive the instructor will lead you through a set course that will require the laying of line and the incorporation of advance wreck diving procedures within a set time frame. The entire dive will be run to a tight schedule that will require time management skills and gas planning for accelerated decompression.

Dive Eight       The Coolooli (bucket dredge)

This dive will be the same as dive seven but you will lead the instructor. To pass the course you must complete the dive to plan in every detail.

 The course cost is $1800 and includes all gear hire (if required), boat dives and gas.

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