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Deep Speciality Course

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Deep Speciality Course

This programme offers you 4 dives of different depths and varied conditions


Dive one                     The Spit

This dive is designed to allow you to become accustomed to wearing a twin set. You will be provided with a tek diving rig and given basic instruction on its use prior to any deep dives.


Dive two                     The Coolooli (bucket dredge)

 This dive will be a basic check out dive to see if you are happy with this level of diving. You will be introduced to deep diving from a boat and the use of decompression lines etc.


Dive Three                 The Dee Why Ferry 


This dive will simulate a full decompression dive. You will be expected to plan your dive as if you were going to undertake a decompression dive of 15 minutes bottom time. You will be required to plan gas consumption and gas management for the dive.


Dive Four            The Coolooli (bucket dredge) 

This dive will be the same as the third dive except that you will be leading the dive and planning the run times etc. By the end of this dive you will be able to dive to recreational depths and should have a good grounding in deep diving that will put you in good stead if you wish to continue onto the decompression course.

The cost is $1250 and includes all gear hire (if required) boat dives and gas.


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