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Wreck Speciality Course

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 Wreck Diver Speciality Course

This programme provides 4 wrecks dives of different depths and conditions.

Dive one      The Itatia
This wreck sits in a maximum of 9m of very dirty water in middle harbour. The site is used to give the student an insight into a large-scale wreck (65m long) with multiple deck levels and very adverse visibility conditions. You will be taught to follow a line in and out of the deck levels and over and under the beams and wreckage. This is a very interesting introduction to a true wreck environment.

Dive two       The Temora or Patrol Boat

These sitesare used to give the student an insight into a wreck with penetration and again very adverse visibility. You will be taught to appreciate what silt out conditions in a wreck can mean and how to handle them. The wreck is situated in 20m of water in Middle Harbour.

Dive three      The Centurion

This wreck will give the student the chance to experience an historic wreck site. She is broken up and spread over a small area on sand. You will be taught to appreciate how a wreck can disintegrate and what features to look for while exploring her. The wreck is situated in 19m of water in the main Harbour.

Dive four       The Coolooli (bucket dredge)
This dive will be your first introduction into true blue water wreck diving. She is located 3km off Long Reef in 48m of water. Your instructor will escort you on a short tour of the upper parts of the wreck (35m) to give you your first experience of a large-scale sunken vessel. You will put into practise all the requirements of a decompression dive. The instructor will carry all required safety kit and will lead you on a truly amazing experience if you have never seen a large wreck at depth before.

The cost will be $750 and includes all gear hire (if required) boat dives and gas.

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