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Normoxic and Full Trimix Courses

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Tri-mix Courses: Normoxic and full Tri-mix

 (both OC and CCR)


Given the weather and sea states that Sydney can and does experience we find that tri-mix courses can be long and protracted events. To over come this problem we have structured our courses in such a manner that as a student you can achieve full certification in stages.


Normoxic tri-mix: This course is taught as if you are doing a full tri-mix programme, you will do the same theory, carry the same gear configuration and you will run through the same course structure as a full tri-mix programme but all dives will be shallower than 55m. Upon completion of this stage/course you will be awarded the normoxic tri-mix rating which will allow you to use normoxic gas mixes down to 55m.

The cost will be $1500 and includes all gear hire (if required) boat dives and gas.

Full Tri-mix: If you have elected and completed one of our Normoxic courses and wish to continue pass the normoxic stage and you are within  three months of gaining the Normoxic certification from SXD; then the course will become as if you are finishing off the last two dives of a normal full Tri-mix course. 

The cost for this will be $800 and includes all gear hire (if required) boat dives and gas.

If you have not  elected to continue on from the normoxic course or are beyond the three period then you will have to complete a full tri-mix programme from stage one. 

The cost is $1800 and includes all gear hire (if required) boat dives and gas.

The last two dives of the full tri-mix programme are the two deep dives (70-80m dives) and as such are treated as if you are already fully tri-mix trained. Both dives will have a bottom time of 15 minutes only. The instructor will accompany you and will monitor and assess your performance both before and during the dives themselves. You will be expected to plan, organise and control your dives, the instructor will only interject if the exercise is judged by them to be unsafe and or hazardous to both yourself and others on board. 

We have introduced two more further restrictions on your dives during this course, on the first dive you will not be allowed to have a bottom gas mix with an EAD greater than 30m and the second dive the EAD will not be greater than 45m. You can select your mixes but they must fit within these restrictions.


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